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Range of services available  to cater to both personal and business issues. Modern day living presents challenges to everyone that were not envisaged in previous times.

These new threats necessitate a modern day approach to protect you and your interests. Confidentiality Assured.

Cyber Security
  • Are you the victim of a hack?
  • How robust are your systems to withstanding  such an attack?
  • If hacked how do I ensure the integrity of system is restored?
Undercover Work
  • Are you seeing the full picture.? 
  • Our agents are adept at being hidden in full sight so that you get the answers.
Relationship Checker
  • If you have doubts regarding your partner and want to remove or validate this anxiety we are there to help, in a supportive, non-judgemental manner.
  • Both covert and overt options available to best serve our client’s needs
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